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We at The BBB would like you to know more about Japan. So, let us introduce various things regarding this country.

[Semiweekly-pedia of Japan] (updated on Mondays and Fridays)

#399: Setonaikai National Park (category: hot spring)

Setonaikai National Park

Setonaikai National Park was listed as a national park by the Japanese government in 1934, along with Unzen National Park and Kirishima National Park. The three of them are the first national parks in Japan.

Setonaikai National Park spreads over the wide area around Seto-naikai, or Seto Inland Sea (refer to #046). Many sightseeing spots on Kyushu (refer to #063), Shikoku (refer to #064), and Honshu (refer to #062) belong to this national park.

Setonaikai National Park Japan

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