#054: Donburi (Rice Bowl) (Semiweekly-pedia of Japan)


#054: Donburi (Rice Bowl) (category: bowl)

Donburi (Rice Bowl) Japan

A donburi is a Japanese rice bowl. People put various food on rice in a donburi and serve it. For example, if tempura (refer to #053) is put on rice, it is called Tendon. The word "ten" in "Tendon" is abbreviation for "tempura" and "don" for "donburi", respectively. Each donburi cuisine has its name including "-don" and the word before "-don" indicates the specific food on rice.

Japanese people put any food on rice in a donburi, so you can find a wide variety of doburi cuisine in this country. Since some donburi cuisine use taboo food for some religions, please check what ingredients are in it before you eat it.

Donburi (Rice Bowl)

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