#185: Aisatsu-mawari (Semiweekly-pedia of Japan)


#185: Aisatsu-mawari (category: seasonal event)


Aisatsu-mawari is an old-established Japanese traditional custom. The Japanese word "aisatsu" is "greeting" in English and "mawari" is a noun form of the verb "mawaru (meaning walking around)". As its name indicates, aisatsu-mawari is to walk around to greet someone else.

Many Japanese tend to take days off around the San-ga-nichi holidays (refer to #080. On the first Monday after that, they start working in the new year. On the day, business people do aisatsu-mawari in their own workplaces and their customer's.

Aisatsu-mawari Japan

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