#250: Seiryo-inryosui (Semiweekly-pedia of Japan)


#250: Seiryo-inryosui (category: beverage)


Seiryo-inryosui is a Japanese categorization term for what are known as soft drinks in general. It is used for beverages, the content of alcohol in which is less than 1%. Almost all such beverages, except water, milk, and soup, are categorized as seiryo-inryosui.

The word "seiryo" is "cool" or "refreshing" in English and "inryosui" is "beverage to drink", respectively. Incidentally, the name of Ryusui Seiryoin, the Chief Editing Officer of The BBB, derives from seiryo-inryosui.

Seiryo-inryosui Japan

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