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Q1. The contents of The BBB are ePub files, aren't they? How can I read it? Can I read it on iPhone or iPad?

A1. So-called "ePub" is a universal file that can be read on any ePub readers. If you want to read it on your PC, you need to download (for free) ePub reader from FireFox or Adobe.

Also, if you drop an ePub file you purchased at Lulu into Book section of iTunes and synchronize it, it will be automatically added to the bookshelf of iBooks app (for free) and be able to be read on iPhone or iPad.

Q2. The BBB will continue making Introduction Movie for each work in the future?

A2. Yes. We will make Introduction Movies for ALL our works from now on, including not only fictions but also business books or even Special Interview Projects with Japanese in various fields. This is for readers to make it easier to imagine our contents with the help of music and visual.

Incidentally, all classical music for Introduction Movies related to The BBB was performed and recorded by Tanya, one of our cast, HERSELF. (Noise was made by shiba dog Momo, our animal friend.) Also, we did neither cut noise nor edit the music deliberately so as not to be misunderstood to use a someone's track.

Please understand that. If you cannot watch it, please notify us.

Q3. Do you have any plan to sell Japanese version of The BBB works in the future?

A3. With regard to works exclusively written for The BBB, if the author agrees with it, we plan to sell Japanese version as well as English version through Lulu. Please look forward to it. (We have started selling Japanese versions since March of 2013.)

Q4. The pace of releasing The BBB works is irregular?

A4. Although we basically plan to release new work at the end of every month, a release date might change due to an unavoidable reason. Thank you for your understanding.

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