#067: Nikko (Semiweekly-pedia of Japan)


#067: Nikko (category: tourist site)

Nikko Japan

Nikko is a city in Tochigi Prefecture and one of the most famous tourist sites in Japan. Also, it is a very popular koyo viewing area (refer to #066). Nikko City is located about 150 km north from Tokyo (refer to #036). This area boasts numerous tourist spots, and lots of shrines and temples among them are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites (selected in 1999).

Japanese people say "kanko" to mean "sightseeing". The word "kanko" literally means "seeing the light". It indicates that people regard sightseeing spots as places shining on them like sunshine. Coincidentally, the name of this sightseeing area "nikko" means "sunshine" in Japanese.


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