#066: Koyo (Autumn Foliage) (Semiweekly-pedia of Japan)


#066: Koyo (Autumn Foliage) (category: natural phenomenon)

Koyo (Autumn Foliage) Japan

In Japanese, the word "koyo" literally means "red leaves". As its name indicates, koyo is a natural phenomenon in which the color of leaves turned from green to yellow or red in autumn. Japanese people have been loving to appreciate koyo (autumn foliage) since ancient times.

Not a few Japanese associate koyo with the final years of their lives. The elderly especially love to appreciate it because they liken red leaves to themselves in later life. Japan has countless koyo viewing spots here and there throughout the nation and most of them attract lots of tourists every year. Viewing koyo is a very important custom for Japanese as well as Hanami (refer to #002).

Koyo (Autumn Foliage)

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