#102: Ori-zuru (Origami Crane) (Semiweekly-pedia of Japan)


#102: Ori-zuru (Origami Crane) (category: Origami Crane)

Ori-zuru (Origami Crane) Japan

Ori-zuru is the most famous and the most popular work of origami (refer to #101) made in the shape of a crane. The word "ori" in "ori-zuru" is an abbreviation for "origami" and "zuru" is a different pronunciation of "tsuru (meaning crane)".

Japanese people want to believe that people could make any dream come true by folding 1,000 ori-zuru. So, they like to give someone 1,000 ori-zuru as a get-well gift. They are called "Sen-ba-zuru (meaning Thousand Origami Cranes)".

Ori-zuru (Origami Crane)

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