#154: Aki-same (Autumn Rain) (Semiweekly-pedia of Japan)


#154: Aki-same (Autumn Rain) (category: season)

Aki-same (Autumn Rain) Japan

The Japanese word "aki" is "autumn" in English and "same" is another pronunciation of "ame (meaning rain)" (refer to #021). So, "Aki-same" can be paraphrased as "Autumn Rain". This is a particular climate pattern in this country.

Japan has two rainy seasons every year. One is the so-called Tsuyu (Plum Rain) season (refer to #019) and the other is this Aki-same season, which usually lasts from the end of August to October.

Aki-same (Autumn Rain)

(Friday, September 19th, 2014)    See Archive

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