#301: Ise Grand Shrine (Geku) (Semiweekly-pedia of Japan)


#301: Ise Grand Shrine (Geku) (category: shrine)

Ise Grand Shrine (Geku)

Ise Grand Shrine or Ise Jingu, the most prestigious shrine in Japan, actually consists of two shrines. One is "Naiku" (refer to #300) and the other is "Geku" (literally meaning an outer shrine), whose another name is Toyouke Dai-jingu.

Among these two main shrines, Naiku is more prestigious. So, people are encouraged to visit Geku first, and then Naiku. Both shrines are located in Ise City, but they are a little distant from each other and it takes an hour to walk from Geku to Naiku by foot. Alternatively, you can take bus or taxi.

Ise Grand Shrine (Geku) Japan

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