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Ryuoh Yano

Ryuoh Yano

Japanese novelist, Mystery writer, and Puzzle game inventor

He was born in 1965. In 2004, his debut novel won the 30th Mephisto Prize.

His writings on ultimate survival mysteries and elaborately made puzzle-like trick stories are admirable. At The BBB, he translates his own work and even draws illustrations by himself.


Works List at The BBB

Works List in Japan

  1. Surviving Games in Colosseum

    01. Surviving Games in Colosseum
    Kodansha Novels / April, 2004

  2. Surviving Games in Apartment

    02. Surviving Games in Apartment
    Kodansha Novels / April, 2005

  3. Heaven & Hell in the Box

    03. Heaven & Hell in the Box
    Kodansha Novels / October, 2006

  4. Mystery of a Black Triangle

    04. Mystery of a Black Triangle
    kodansha Novels / November, 2007

  5. Surviving Games in Colosseum

    05. Surviving Games in Colosseum
    Kodansha Bunko / October, 2008

  6. Orihime Puzzle Break

    06. Orihime Puzzle Break
    Kodansha / March, 2009

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