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freeCast Party 2015

Cast Party 2015

by Ryusui Seiryoin, Agent Kunugi, Tanya

Character Illustration: Kai Chamberlain, Polka D

Cover Design: Tanya

Release Date: December 30, 2015

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This eBook is basically FREE. But some online bookstores can charge for it. About the Japanese version of this work, refer to the counterpart of our Japanese website.

Cast Party 2015 Recording (96 minutes in total)

The BBB Cast Party 2015 MP3

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The BBB (Breakthrough Bandwagon Books) introduces carefully selected works of Japanese novelists (many of whom are mystery writers), business book authors, and creators from various fields.

To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of The BBB in December 2015, Ryusui Seiryoin (Chief Editor), Agent Kunugi (Chief Proofreader), and Tanya (Chief Designer) are thoroughly talking about all the authors participating in the project and about all their works, including many anecdotes.

This Cast Party 2015 was exclusively held at the end of 2015 as one of the made-in-Japan contents belonging to The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books.

Works List at The BBB

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