#073: Miya-zima (Semiweekly-pedia of Japan)


#073: Miya-zima (category: beautiful scenery)

Miya-zima Japan

Miya-zima has been a very famous tourist site and regarded as one of the Three Views of Japan from ancient times, along with Amano-hashidate (refer to #071) and Matsu-shima (refer to #072). The word "zima" in "Miya-zima" is a different pronunciation of "shima (meaning an island in English)" and "miya" means "a Shinto shrine". So, "Miya-zima" literally means "Island of Shinto shrine".

This island is in Seto Inland Sea (refer to #046) and belongs to Hiroshima Prefecture in western Japan. As the name indicates, on the island stands a very famous shrine, whose name is Itsuku-shima Shrine.


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