#150: Tosa-inu (Semiweekly-pedia of Japan)


#150: Shiba-inu (category: dog)

Shiba-inu Japan

Shiba-inu is one of the six major dog breeds in Japan, along with Hokkaido-ken (refer to #145), Akita-inu (refer to #146), Kai-ken (refer to #147), Kishu-inu (refer to #148), and Tosa-inu (refer to #149). It is the only small dog breed among them.

While the word "shiba" originally indicated "miscellaneous small trees", it is usually associated with Shiba-inu nowadays. Shiba-inu is by far the most popular as a family dog breed in Japan. So, you can easily find them here and there while in this country.


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