#077: Momiji-manju (Semiweekly-pedia of Japan)


#077: Momiji-manju (category: confectionery)

Momiji-manju Japan

Momiji-manju is a very famous Japanese confectionery, especially as a souvenir. The Japanese word "momiji" is another name of "koyo (autumn foliage)" (refer to #066) and a manju is one type of Wagashi (refer to #011), which is made from flour. As its name indicates, the confectionery is made in the shape of a maple leaf.

Originally, momiji-manju was a specialty in Miya-zima or Itsuku-shima (refer to #073). It became very popular nationwide and is now known for being one of the best souvenirs in the whole Hiroshima area (refer to #076).


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