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freeJapanese 100 Great Mountains Vol.3: Episode 011-015

Japanese 100 Great Mountains Vol.3: Episode 011-015

by Hodaka

Translator: Hodaka

Photographs: Hodaka

Cover Design: Tanya

Release Date: September 30, 2018

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Hodaka has restarted the challenge to conquer "Japanese 100 Great Mountains" since 2017. This record, the third volume of the series, includes five (the 11th to 15th) mountains.

- In Mount Daibosatsu, he has bought a shop curtain on which all the "Japanese 100 Great Mountains" are printed and imagines the day to complete them.

- In Mount Kirigamine, he luckily monopolizes the vast snow field and savors the scenery to the full.

- In Mount Nikko-Shirane, he is struck by the fear of sliding down a precipitous cliff and in a panic when he has dropped his camera.

- In Mount Makihata, he is not deceived by a fake summit and has attained the real peak.

- In Mount Kinpu, he has climbed the mountain twice in a short period of time to see the "Gojo-seki" rocks on the summit under the clear blue sky. Can he make it …?

Many picturesque sceneries, attractive local cuisine, refreshment in hot springs, and impressive encounters with other climbers …

You will witness Hodaka's exciting challenge!

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