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freeJapanese 100 Great Mountains Vol. 6: Episode 026-030

Japanese 100 Great Mountains Vol. 6: Episode 026-030

by Hodaka

Translator: Hodaka

Photographs: Hodaka

Cover Design: Tanya

Release Date: January 24, 2021

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Hodaka keeps conquering great mountains in Japan one after another. This record, the sixth volume of the series, includes five (the 26th to 30th) mountains.

- Mount Kaikoma in the Southern Alps (or Akaishi Mountains) is the mountain that he could not climb due to the rain one year ago. This time he stays at a mountain hut in a perfect location and savors the starry sky and the great view of the top three highest mountains in Japan.

- In Mount Kisokoma in the Central Alps (or Kiso Mountains), he ascends to the sky by the ropeway boasting the largest elevation difference (950 meters) in Japan. But the thick fog makes him change plans.

- In Mount Tateshina, belonging to the Yatsugatake Mountains, the tent site has been submerged, and the ropeway is out of service after he purchases the ticket. Those unexpected incidents are also a good experience for him.

- The 2020 Tokyo Marathon, which he had planned to participate in, was canceled due to COVID-19, the new coronavirus. His next destination is Mound Kusatsu-Shirane. He makes a beautiful snowman out of a Daruma bento container and takes a commemorative photo.

- After the state of emergency regarding COVID-19 is lifted and the unusually long rainy season ends, he climbs Mount Ontake for the first time in months. This mountain erupted in 2014 and claimed many victims, but was also a sacred place of worship.

Because of the fickle weather and surprising accidents, every episode is a one-time drama.

You will witness Hodaka's exciting challenge!


You can download this work "Japanese 100 Great Mountains Vol. 6" from The BBB official website (this page) for free. But since online bookstores no longer accept free eBooks, we add the "Extra Episode 1" to the pay version, in which the author introduces the episode in which he traverses from Mount Jinba to Mount Takao.

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