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The Gifted Vol.1-5 (Bind Up)

The Gifted Vol.1-5 (Bind Up)

by Ryosuke Akizuki

Translator: Eiji Mihagino (Vol.1,2), Ryusui Seiryoin (Vol.3,4,5)

Cover Illustration: SAKUMA, Makoto

Cover Design: SAKUMA, Makoto

Release Date: March 1, 2016

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In City, those who have strange gifts frequently cause incomprehensible incidents. Five 'gifted' ones stand up to the challenges of the cases that cannot be solved by the police.

Milo, a mysterious, fair-looking boy with platinum blonde hair.
Saya, an innocent Asian girl with a sorrowful past.
Chloe, a big-sisterly knockout who likes to care for others.
Riccardo, a cheerful, studly philogynist.
And, Yoma, an exotically cute exorcist.

Despite constant exposure to dangers, they emerge victorious and reveal the surprising truth at the end of each case. This is the bind-up edition for the first five episodes of "The Gifted" series. Enjoy this miraculous and fascinating world of stories, created by Ryosuke Akizuki, a gifted mystery writer.

This bind-up edition includes:
"Vol.1 - The Haunting Woman"
"Vol.2 - The Return of the Dead Kitten"
"Vol.3 - The Skydiving Club"
"Vol.4 - The Phantom of Gemini"
"Vol.5 - The Death In the North Ward"

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