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freeThe Sifted Vol.5: Episode 038-045

The Sifted Vol.5: Episode 038-045

by Ryosuke Akizuki

Translator: Ryosuke Akizuki

Photographs: Ryosuke Akizuki

Cover Design: Tanya

Release Date: November 26, 2017

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The author Ryosuke Akizuki says he visits Taiwan for Chinese restaurants because those in Tokyo are a little too expensive. But Riccardo points out the contradiction, which makes Akizuki upset. What trick does he has about it?

Finally, "The Sifted" has landed on North America this time. But Chloe is suffering from mysterious amnesia. What has brought Akizuki to North America? What secret is he hiding?

Akizuki is in such a good mood that he mistakenly lets his tongue slip. Now he is in danger in which Milo is about to torture him?! We wonder if any author can be cornered this much by his own character?

Saya is visiting a restaurant of Kamameshi (a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot) for the first time in her life. Yoma is coming to the best European-style curry restaurant in Japan.

Here is the fifth installment of "The Sifted" series, including 8 episodes (from Episode 038 to 045).

His characters are inquiring into the author's privacy, which he wants to keep secret. Can Akizuki find a place to run into? Still, he continues his free, willful wandering for attractive dishes ...

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