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Kyosuke Tsumiki

Kyosuke Tsumiki

Japanese novelist and Mystery writer

He was born in 1955. In 1998, his debut novel won the 6th Mephisto Prize.

His works strongly describe the darkness of a human mind. He is also known as an expert on urban legends. He has broken a decade's silence and finally released his long-awaited work at The BBB.

Twitter: @tumikikyousuke


Works List at The BBB

Works List in Japan

  1. The Distorted Genesis

    01. The Distorted Genesis
    Kodansha Novels / February, 1998

  2. The Mass for Monsters

    02. The Mass for Monsters
    Kodansha Novels / June, 1998

  3. The Nightmare Someone Dreamed

    03. The Nightmare Someone Dreamed
    Kodansha Novels / August, 1999

  4. Fujimi

    04. Fujimi
    Kodansha Novels / April, 2002

  5. The Hommage to Cthulhu

    05. The Hommage to Cthulhu
    Soudosha / August, 2014

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