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Towerld Level 0004: Facing the Suite Music and the Heavenly Hallucination

Towerld Level 0004: Facing the Suite Music and the Heavenly Hallucination

by Doctor Deicide

Cover Illustration: Polka D

Cover Design: Tanya

Release Date: May 29, 2014

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* The collection of ten stories including this work is also available.

About the Japanese version of this work, refer to the counterpart of our Japanese website.



"You are too worthy for a bait. I am sure that you prefer being my date."

Hector_1304 and Wendy manage to infiltrate into the suite, trying to transport the drugs that their friend Gideon needs and to bring the Pluck Princess to safety. However, they are intercepted in the dining room by the dreadful Theriocephalic (beast-headed) Thugs, who are classes above the previous foes. Can Hector_1304 stand being dominated physically and mentally? Is he even less than a decoy, only to be beaten into a pulp? Can Wendy run away from the massive maulers? Will the trapped mailpersons have to confront the heavies, without getting any help from the reliable muscle named Gideon? They have to grab onto anything to turn the tide.

Will the mailpersons remain torn apart, when a sequence of events define the sinister stage? When the main event commences, Hector_1304 is denied of his own identity and conscience. He takes a trip to unknown and has an otherworldly experience of a heavenly proportion.

This work was exclusively written as one of the made-in-Japan content belonging to The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books.

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