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Towerld Level 0009: The Fay Ministress and the Seductive Slave On the Feminist Floor

Towerld Level 0009: The Fay Ministress and the Seductive Slave On the Feminist Floor

by Doctor Deicide

Cover Illustration: Polka D

Cover Design: Tanya

Release Date: January 13, 2016

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* The collection of ten stories including this work is also available.

You can preview the beginning part of this book for FREE by clicking "preview" below the book cover at Lulu. About the Japanese version of this work, refer to the counterpart of our Japanese website.



"Rescue the Pluck Princess and Wendy from the feminist floor."

Hector_1304 utilizes the information provided by Towbie the Twisted to infiltrate into the feminist floor, while dressed in drag unwillingly.

He tries to contact the Fay Ministress, the leader of the feminist floor, to ask her for providing him the crucial assistance. However, she thinks that he is a dangerous enemy intruder, and starts attacking him. Then, a squad of chimeric combatants, known as the Chiborgs, and a seductive slave named Ephemera enter the fray, to make the matters even more complicated. Hector_1304 has to decide, to fight or to run for his life.

While encountering who may be either his allies or enemies, can Hector_1304 survive the adversaries and adversities, one after another? Will he join his female teammates eventually, and then escape from the feminist floor safely?

The rescue mission will shed light on complicating issues pertaining to the reason for the feminist floor and sexism in Towerld.

This work was exclusively written as one of the made-in-Japan content belonging to The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books.

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