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Mathematical Goodbye: Chapters 1-3

Mathematical Goodbye: Chapters 1-3

by MORI, Hiroshi

Translator: Ryusui Seiryoin

Cover Illustration: mm

Cover Design: mm

Release Date: June 27, 2024


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Associate Professor Sohei Saikawa of N University and his student Moe Nishinosono, a sophomore, were invited to a Christmas party at the "Three Stars Mansion," the residence of Dr. Shozo Tennoji, a renowned genius mathematician.

The Three Stars Mansion is a building composed of three domes, converted from an old observatory. The central dome houses a planetarium, and in the garden stands a giant Orion statue. On the night of the party, Dr. Tennoji performed an elaborate magic trick, making the Orion statue disappear right before the eyes of the attendees. However ...

"Someone will die again the next time the Orion statue disappears."

As foretold in the eerie letter that was sent to one of those involved, the bodies of two people are found under mysterious circumstances. Is this a series of magical murders occurring in the huge locked-room-like conditions of the Three Stars Mansion?

This is the first volume of "Mathematical Goodbye," the third novel in the "S & M (Saikawa & Moe)" series, which depicts the master-disciple detective duo most favored by readers in the history of Japanese mysteries!

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