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None But Air: Episode 2, Episode 3

None But Air: Episode 2, Episode 3

by MORI, Hiroshi

Translator: Ryusui Seiryoin

Cover Illustration: mm

Cover Design: mm

Release Date: October 29, 2017

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Everyone puts his or her own life on the aircraft, and fly high into the sky. Because of that point of argument, I respect all the pilots, regardless of whether they are my friendlies or enemies. Some of the pilots, who may be able to become more and more skillful or still possess the potential for the future, may suffer from bad luck and be shot down. In reality, we cannot practice for aerial combats. Once we fail, everything will come to nothing. This is the most notable feature of our job.

There are no such things as gods for us.
What we believe are our mechanics and our own hands that hold the control sticks.

"You are the number-one pilot among those whom I know. You will probably surpass me in not-so-distant future."

This is a story about the Teacher and me.

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