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Sky Eclipse: Episodes 1-3

Sky Eclipse: Episodes 1-3

by MORI, Hiroshi

Translator: Ryusui Seiryoin

Cover Illustration: mm

Cover Design: mm

Release Date: June 30, 2021

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* The complete edition including all the episodes is also available.



The final volume of "The Sky Crawlers" series (the masterpieces of Dr. MORI, Hiroshi) is the only short story compilation. Episodes 1-3 of the eight short stories are featured in this book.

"Episode 1: Gyroscope" depicts the day-to-day interactions between Kusanagi, a pilot who is brought in to promote the company she belongs to, and Sasakura, a mechanic who supports her.

In "Episode 2: Nine Lives", a vivid contrast between life and death emerges through the everyday and extraordinary life of a pilot, who is known for painting a black cat symbol on the cowling of his fighter aircraft.

"Episode 3: Waning Moon" reveals the dark secret of the ship's vice-captain, who rescues a pilot from an aircraft that has crashed into the sea, and then the clean and tranquil state of his mind that he finally reaches at the end.

Here is the key to unlocking the mystery of "The Sky Crawlers" series, which continues to comfortably dazzle readers with the high level of abstraction!

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